Balanced Investor….Growth & Income Strategy

The Growth and Income portfolio is a balanced portfolio with multiple strategies to mitigate risk. It is diversified across many sectors and embraces strategic growth, dividend and tactical investment strategies. Its goal is to gain 70% of the markets return in a rising market with only half of the downside losses in bear markets. Its designed for investors who want consistent growth and income with moderate volatility. Accredited investors will also be able to allocate a percentage in private real estate investments to for tax deferred income and lower volatility.


Growth Investor….Capital Appreciation Strategy

The Capital Appreciation portfolio will hold multiple ETFs and is designed for long term growth. Investors with a long term time horizon of at least 5 years and the ability to handle volatility should consider this strategy for some of their long term retirement funds. It will maintain a growth focus but may include some tactical and dividend components. The main goal of this portfolio is to grow in excess returns of the Vanguard Global stock market index. 


Income Investor….Capital Preservation and Income Strategy

The income portfolio will hold several income securities in this portfolio. It is designed for investors who are conservative and want to preserve their capital while earning a decent interest rate on their principal. Investors who have at least a 1 to 2 year time horizon and want to returns in excess of savings accounts and CD rates should consider this portfolio with a portion of their nest egg. 

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