Real Estate

“The most powerful force in the universe is compound interest.” — Albert Einstein

Real Estate Investments

Debt Funds

We look to invest in real estate funds that have been able to achieve consistent returns and preservation of capital, while delivering stable yields and minimizing risk. Our current partners focus on California, Oregon, and Washington. Most funds within the portfolio offers investors healthy returns on loans with attractive loan-to-value ratios, which translates into lower risk.

Real Estate Equity Investments

We believe equity ownership in real estate through multi-family investments is a core strategy to build long term wealth. Strategies to buy, hold, rent and rehab apartments can be a lucrative long term income strategy and may also provide some tax deferred income. It is also a prudent way to have income possibly increase during times of inflation. We have strong partnerships with privately held apartment investment and management groups that focus on core plus and value add investments in suburban complexes across the United States.

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